Why chose Awaken?

Most pole camps will focus on a huge amount of pole while you’re there and this is great! However Awaken Pole Retreat will focus on more than just the body. The whole focus of is to give you an experience that you can treasure forever. You will have pole workshops and also movement workshops, handstands, thai chi and floor flow. During the rest of the time at camp you will be taken to the famous vortexs of Sedona where we will encourage group meditation and hopefully experience new energies. There will be seminars and discussions throughout your time to help you focus on the mindfulness of your training, appreciation for your body, self-care and more. There will alotted quiet times where you will be encourage to journal your experiences of the day. One of the day trips will be at the Grand Canyon where you will see the famous red rocks and breath in its magnificense. To finish off your time with us there is an opportunity for you to take part in a cacao ceremony which will take place in a sacred circle with members of the retreat. The ceremony will help you connect with your heart and be a gentle guide through transformational consciousness shifts.