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Who’s behind Awaken Pole retreat?

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The idea of Awaken Pole Retreat was birthed from a conversation between Heidi Coker and Annie Norris. (You can find more information about each instructor here) Between them they have participated in many pole camps and enjoyed them. They started to chat about the mindfullness behind their own training and how this helped them. After most camps we all feel tired after a week of a huge amount of training. Our idea was for people to enjoy time away at a camp learn new pole tricks and movements but also experience some cross training with handstands and other movements and explain to people how this will help you grow as a pole dancer. We then wanted to include energising experiences and mindfullness work so that as your time draws to an end of the retreat you will feel reenergised, focused and relaxed all at the same time and move forward with your own training at home in a smarter way. After Heidi visited Sedona she knew this was the place she wanted the camp to be after her experiences with nature and the energies surrounding it.

Heidi Coker and Annie Norris