Welcome to Awaken Pole Retreat

This is a retreat like no other, during this camp we will focus on experiencing nature, discovering yourself and of course, movement and pole.

Everything you need to know

29th September – 4th Oct

Flagstaff in Arizona USA

EVERYTHING excluding flights. You will get all your workshops, accommodation, food, grand canyon trip, seminars, trips and more. 

hello@awakenpoleretreat.com with your full name, address and what you’re looking forward to the most at the camp.

If you send us a deposit of just $150/£110 before the end of January – The full cost of camp is $1400/£1050.

All transfers from Flagstaff airport are included or any local train/bus stations. International retreaters may want to fly into Phoenix as this is the cheapest airport and catch a shuttle bus to Flagstaff which is around $7-20. 

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